Difference between Restaurant, Café and Bistro

What’s the difference between a restaurant and a restaurant? It’s both for eating. What’s the difference between a café and a bistro? It’s a good place to hang out. Well, although it’s basically the same for eating, there are many things that make the name of places to eat in Indonesia different. Let’s take a look!


A place to eat is categorized as a restaurant if it has certain rules and standards. For example, menu quality standards, service standards, employee appearance standards, etc. In addition, a restaurant is also managed by a professional management system. That is, there is a clear work structure chart. Like managers, supervisors, and waiters.

Due to these standards, restaurants usually seem exclusive. The price tends to be expensive because it has to pay Value Added Tax (VAT). The menu in the restaurant is also more specified. In other words, the restaurant menu usually focuses on a certain type of food that is the signature of the place. Although in practice there are many other menus that you can find.

The restaurant has no management system and the default rules are binding. Usually, the operation of the restaurant is more flexible. In fact, many restaurants are managed and owned by a family. As a result, although it remains professionally managed, there are no rigid rules and management structures in the restaurant.

In addition, the restaurant menu is also more varied and not pegged to a certain standard. In many places, the restaurant also provides a cooked menu. So, when visitors come, the waiter just delivers the menu to order without cooking first.

Cafe vs Bistro

Basically, the café is actually synonymous with coffee place. No wonder that the mainstay menu is various types of coffee. Usually, the café offers a small food menu as a coffee companion. Therefore, the café is more suitable for hanging out than a place to eat. Moreover, in some cafes, heavy food menus tend to be limited.

The menu offered by the café is always the same from day to day. Even if there are additions or upgrades, it is usually done within a certain period of time. The food offered is usually an easy snack to make. For example, soups and sandwiches. Today, many cafes offer 24-hour facilities.

The term cafe is used to refer to a simple place to eat. Usually, stalls sell traditional food or home-based food. Stalls like this are found in many campus areas or boarding houses. One thing that stands out from the stalls is the cheap festive prices. It’s no wonder that stalls are a favorite of many people.

According to the dictionary, the shop means the building of the place of sale. Thus, the shop is synonymous as a place that sells raw food ingredients. Call it vegetables, fish, food, etc. However, the use of the word shop is still often wrong. Because, there are several places to eat that name their place as a shop.

Food Court vs Urban Food Court

The term food court is used to refer to places to eat that are “collective”. That is, we can find many different food vendors in one place. Well, conventional food courts usually have buildings that tend to be smart. The function is also more as a place to eat, not a place to hang out. The food sold is usually more traditional. For example, chicken porridge, noodles, and fried rice.

Basically, urban food court is used to call food court more modern. The design of the building is more modern and adapted to the tastes of young people. No wonder that urban food court is equipped with Instragam-able spots. In addition, urban food court also serves as a hangout place. The menu offered is more varied and modern. For example, mozzarella martabak and pinch cake.